Young Rapper Barak Clears The Air On His Relationship With Eastside Rapper [Oga Micky] 

In our Exclusive interview with ‘D Ghettoboyy’ on His relationship with the Eastside rapper ‘Oga Micky’.. He had this to say
And people be like BARAK xup you & OGA MICKY ? Lols….And I be like…. 

We cool no shakement… Am a big fan of his… & Vise versa, Just that he’s in different type of level which I also need to be before that jam you guys been waiting for materialize… Just chill!! 

‘Music bukwanu egwu uche’ was his final statement. 
This statements as we accessed it showed us that the ABA born rapper has a better plans in the future with His state collegue.

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